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  • Jen Pavich

    Jen Pavich

    feminist life coach, shame resilience teacher, justice advocate, cocktail queen and cat lover. jenpavich.com

  • Karen Webber

    Karen Webber

    Ethical marketing coach, trainer and strategist at Goodness Marketing and the ethical move.

  • Lauren Van Mullem

    Lauren Van Mullem

    Copywriter for coaches at www.TruerWordsbyLauren.com

  • Maria Arango-Kure

    Maria Arango-Kure

    Latinx in Sweden. Designer, Developer, Marketer & Researcher. HEDS Zebra and honorary cyborg.

  • Caroline Leon

    Caroline Leon

    Conscious Business Coach helping change makers to build and grow sustainable businesses, using strategies rooted in integrity. https://carolineleon.com

  • Crystal Leon

    Crystal Leon

  • Alice Karolina

    Alice Karolina

    Brand Strategist + Purpose Builder . Ethical Marketing Advocate . Find me at alicekarolina.com + theethicalmove.org

  • Jennifer M. Wilson

    Jennifer M. Wilson

    My midlife crisis and adventures along the way. I write because in real life my humor is allegedly too sarcastic and inappropriate. MediumNinjaGirl@gmail.com

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